September 3, 2012

Things We Need

I'm just gonna make a running list of things we'll need for the new place. What? you ask? Well, you OBVIOUSLY need to go here to catch up on what you've been missing! Shame on you!!

So, yeah, this post isn't really for you guys. And it would make more sense to just write it on a piece of paper, or type it in Excel or Word or something... But I feel like blogging. So I blog.


Things We Need:

  • better vacuum cleaner
  • dresser for Mr. T
  • dish washing detergent (FINALLY - a dishwasher!!)
  • washer/dryer (possibly - she may give us hers, and if not we're gonna try to move the ones in this house...crappy as they are, they'd be free - but the could also disintegrate if we try to move them)