September 12, 2012


I wrote this a long time ago and am just now publishing it, lol

Why on earth are you* commenting on my stuff (on Facebook - feel free to comment here all you’d like, I enjoy the attention) if you don’t like it? I’m not talking about me saying something like “God hates <insert rage-inducing noun here>s!!!!” and then being surprised when people are angry. It’s when I post a status along the lines of “<TV show> is on!” and you respond with “I hate that show.” Or I say something about a movie I’m watching and you say “I hate <actor in movie>.” I But that’s fine, whatever. We have different taste in entertainment. But then you gotta go and take it all PERSONAL on me. I upload a picture of my fracking sweet Russell Brand tattoo and I get a “Why would you get someone you don’t even know tattooed on you??” and I upload a picture of my haircut (that is NOT new - I’ve had it for almost a full year now (holy crap, really???)) and you comment “Not my favorite.” What is that supposed to mean?! Why do you, person I don’t ever even see in real life, feel the need to comment on my life decisions that in no way affect you? Especially when you never leave any positive comments! I never get a friendly little “like” from you, oh no. Do you hate everything I do, and only when it gets so intolerable that you can’t hardly stand it you have to be all “I think it’s ‘meh’” on me? Why are we FB friends? Go away. And another thing - people who comment negatively and I IGNORE  YOU TO KEEP THE PEACE - otherwise I’m going to drive to your house and punch you in the nether regions, okay?! So, you have BEEN IGNORED and then feel the need to comment AGAIN, repeating yourself. Like “DID YOU  NOT NOTICE THAT I INSULTED THIS THING YOU MENTIONED? I THINK YOU MIGHT HAVE MISSED IT, PLEASE RESPOND NOW.”

*“You” is not directed toward a specific person. This has come up several times in my life from multiple people.