February 22, 2012


I try to not complain about campus construction, because making campus better is a good thing. And I choose to assume that they are making good changes.

But holy balls, people.

They already closed down the entire Rec Center lot for "construction parking" - the construction workers don't use 3/4 of the lot. So Mr. T and I have to park in the gravel lots and walk along the construction zone fence beside the Rec Center to get around to the front. Because there is no parking in that tiny lot out front, and getting there is pure misery thanks to that roundabout and construction on the stupid Student Union building.

This morning I drag my sick butt out of bed, get Mr. T's butt out of bed, get all our stuff together, park in the gravel lot full of puddles, walk through the rain in our workout clothes (we only have shorts), dodge traffic to cross the street, walk the entire length of the fenced-off lot, and turn to go down the side of the building.



There is no other way to get to the Rec Center! It would be another 5-10 minute walk to get all the way around the lot to come at it from the front of the building. In the cold, cold rain. They really should put a sign at the beginning of the sidewalk, so you know it's pointless before you walk past all the discarded condoms and misery back behind the softball field.

Also, why is the softball field all the way on the other side of campus than the baseball field? That's just weird.