February 27, 2012

Posty Post


I stayed on campus to grade papers, so of course I'm writing a post. A posty post, to be exact.

This one is about links. And how hilarious I am. Seriously. Hilarious. I have my own blog. All bloggers are always funny - didn't you know?

I've discussed my friend MC before. His nickname is one of my less creative ones... Anyway. (I typed "Andyway" for some reason. I don't even know an Andy...) Anyway - he posted something about Firefox vs. Chrome. I think he did it just so he could argue, because he knew how people would respond (people like Chrome, man...it's okay - we're all different). And he wanted to make sure people knew he was right, so every time he posted on the thread he would link back to a source.

Here are some screen shots. Yes, I chose snippets based solely on the quantity of links - it's my blog, I can skew the data. :P And it's not really skewed. He posted a lot. And there were a lot of links. Oh! I did some calculations with my helpful friend-face MS Word: 5 posts came from him, with 1635 words. 23 links, 12 of which were just the word "Link" Also about 6 misspelled words. But that's not as important. Except to prove he's not as perfect as he thinks. DOUBLE :P :P (is that four :P's or just two?)

I don't care one way or the other about browsers. I use Chrome because...I just started using it. It was new and I tried it and I was like "oohh...this is fun" and just kept going with it. I didn't bother to post that on the forum, because I know MC and know I would just get yelled at for it. As several people did.

But after that third post (that was the entire post, btw) that had as many links titled "Link" as it had sentences I was like...oh this is too much. I must make a joke. So I replied to it with this:

For some reason Blogger is being a temperamental whoreface and won't let me make the image a link. I could go into the HTML and try to do it, but whatever. In the forum it was a link to this video. Which, if you know me, is my FAVORITE VIDEO OF ALL TIME.

Well. He didn't think it was funny. And removed my comment. And took away some "contribution to community" points that I had acquired. I have no idea if the points thing is true. I don't pay attention to how many points I have. When he told me he had deleted it for "trolling" I just brushed it off with "Whatever - it was worth it." because it had amused me. And there were three other people in my office - I told them and they lol'd. He said they were really just wishing I would stop thinking I was funny and that a Rick Roll would have been better. WHAT IS THIS, 2007?! (Yes, I did Wikipedia it to get the right year.)

Also, I Rick Roll'd one of my homework assignments (the chorus over and over in 2pt font across the top of the page) a few years ago and he still says crap about it. But that's an aside.

And I do use links a lot, but they don't break up the text with a gross "Link" that breaks your train of thought. Link I mean...that's just Link silly. Link It just totally ruins the feel of a post. Link It's even causing me to lose focus on Link what I'm Link try Link ing to talk Link a Link bou Link t.

ALSO - my only misspelling are on purpose. Like posty. It's just fun. Posty. Weee!!