February 28, 2012


There's a slightly amusing story about our cat after the picture, if you don't want to read the first three paragraphs. TIME IS MONEY AND YOU PEOPLE ARE LAZY.

I find myself being...angry. Often. Not really at anything. Well, I mean - someone will say something and I will immediately get pissed off. But it's not like people have gotten more annoying (maybe) - I just get upset more quickly these days.

I'm not sure if it's stress from school or what, but I don't like it. As hard as this may be to believe for the people who know me, I don't really enjoy being irritable. I'd much rather be the slightly psychotic me who is just a little too weird to be seen out in public with.

I can see why people would want to avoid both sides of me...I'm not sure I could be my friend...but I think one would prefer happy and weird as opposed to pissy and weird. PISSY IS A WORD, BLOGGER.COM! Don't let that last sentence detract from my post. Also, I added "pissy" to my dictionary. It wanted me to change it to "pussy." That's not polite, Blogger.com.

In other news, I turned the shower on on Chairman this morning. It was great.

Now hear me out - it's not like I threw him in there and turned it on. And he didn't get as wet as the pictured feline. But every time we go to take a shower, he comes running in there and...watches. He gets between the clear curtain and the black cloth curtain and just...watches. And when you get out he plays in the tub. Just recently he's taken to running into the bathroom, hitting the black curtain, and jumping in the tub. So it's covered in hair and has all those pulls in it from his claws snagging it. I'm tired of animals destroying our things. We do it enough without any help. So today, when I pulled the curtain closed and Chairman ran in and actually jumped all the way in the tub, I turned the shower on and listened to him flail.

I couldn't even watch because he was behind the curtains. And that is the most tragic part of this story.