February 11, 2012

Saturday Product Placement

Today I think I'm going to talk about Minecraft. Mmm... It's such a delightful game!

You can do whatever you want when you play Minecraft. I have friends - MC and Cheese - who have a system. They have it down to a science, man. As soon as they start a world they're like little ants *scurry scurry scurry* running around, getting stuff done...it's a work of art. Within the first few hours they've already started constructing massive houses, are mining for supplies, have those freaky mob masher things - whatever they're called.

Now me, on the other hand - I tend to be a bit more chaotic and unorganized. I've tried to tag along with them and it's just not fun to me. I like to wander around...find an interesting looking blob of a mountain (once I found one that kind of looked like Yoshi!!)...and start building. It's...organic... My houses are confusing, disorganized, and AWESOME. MC and Cheese don't get it at all. But it's okay, because Minecraft gives you ultimate freedom. They're not "winning" while I'm "losing" or vice-versa. We're all just...playing.

You can also have the mobs turned off and just create. People have built amazing structures. I could post links and videos, but I'm too lazy and have to go do stuff now. If you haven't played it yet, I think you can try out an old version for free on their site. It's definitely worth the $15-20 you pay for it. Even if you're not a "gamer" you'll have fun with this one.

Also - PONIES!!!