February 18, 2012

Saturday Product Placement

IMDb, how I heart thee.

I was watching Bones, right? During one of the episodes - "The Cinderella in the Cardboard" - this lovely face appears:

And I go "Oh! I know her!! She's whosit on Big Bang, right??" So with some Googling and IMDbing I find Ms. Mayim Bialik's IMDb page! I also discover she was in some terrible 90s show called Blossom, and was in  Beaches! AND she was on an episode of What Not to Wear! (Which you better believe I'm going to be looking up!!)

A few episodes before - "The Princess and the Pear" - I witness this lovely scene:

And now I know the name of that weird kid on Glee! (Note: searching for "weird kid on glee" is not helpful) His name is Josh Sussman (IMDb) and you will see him in...nothing of note, other than Glee, if you consider it note-worthy. Fun fact, though - he's credited as "Afro Geek" in Bones, which is a pretty sweet Superhero name. Or a band name, perhaps...

Also, it helped straighten out the whole "Spock isn't Bill from Kill Bill isn't the guy from Sucker Punch" (very confusing) conversation I had a couple years ago with some friends.



They don't look the same, until you see them in a movie and go "Oh, that's Leonard Nemoy!" or "Oh, that's the guy from Kill Bill!" Or "Oh! . . . " - yeah, no one ever thinks of Scott Glenn, I'm sure. I mean, maybe you do. I do think he's the most attractive of the three, based off their IMDb pictures. He's apparently been in lots of things. I know that because I just scanned his IMDb page (thank you, IMDb).  But I wonder if you knew it was him, or just thought it was Spock...

Or maybe Spock is real and visits Earth disguised as one of these three men. Or maybe Spock is real, and a time traveler and has come to Earth from three different times all at the same time, which is why they all three exist here together and don't look exactly the same.

Just some things to think on. What was I talking about originally? IMDb? Yeah, it's great.