July 17, 2012


So.... Just in case you didn't know, my birthday is Saturday. Woo! I'm actually not interested in it at all. Once you get past that great glorious 21st birthday (we walked to a bar...I broke a beer bottle within the first 10 minutes and started crying for no reason on the walk home - and Mr. T still married me!) birthdays aren't all that interesting anymore. I mean...meh. I'm not taking any time off work, and Mr. T and I aren't doing anything special (that I know of). He better not do anything special, because I don't have anything planned for his birthday in August...

BUT! The one thing about birthdays that is always good is.....the presents!


Oh gawd - I saw a cricket and grabbed Chairman so he could take care of it...and then it was gone. I don't know where it is. Don't panic. At least it wasn't a soft-shell. Those are the worst. WORST, I SAY.

I'm itchy all over right now. Blech.

Anyway, since my birthday is soon, I made an Amazon wish list and emailed it to my family. Here is what I said:

Just sending out my Amazon wish list. :)

A few things to mention:
  1. Books and Blu-rays are probably the things I want most. If someone gets a Kindle (a girl can dream, right? I did pick the cheapest one, you know...), then you can purchase digital copies of the books instead of the paperbacks - I do prefer paperback over hardcover, just because they're cheaper. Quantity over quality, you know. ;) Except when deciding between Blu-ray and DVD. I much prefer Blu-ray. Especially the ones that come with Blu-ray, DVD, and digital copy.
  2. You, obviously, don't have to buy this stuff from Amazon. Most of the clothing comes from different sites, anyway. This was just the most convenient way for me to display it all at once.
  3. I kind of went crazy with clothes. I especially didn't realize how expensive Gap clothes were until I had already added a bunch to the list. So if you want to just look over what I've picked as sort of guidelines for style and size, that's fine. Old Navy is probably my favorite clothing store, if you're looking to get a gift card. I do need work clothes - dresses, skirts, pants, and blouses.
  4. I have a weakness for heels, and since I'm sitting so much I can get away with wearing them a lot now. Off Broadway (clearance) is probably my favorite store for quality shoes. But you have to purchase them in-store and not online. I do like higher-heeled shoes/platforms over the shorter heels. If my feet are going to hurt at the end of the day I want something to show for it. :)
  5. Todd and I still haven't printed off any wedding pictures. So maybe if you buy some awesome collage frames and stuff like that I can get motivated to print some off. Even though we did get a handful of frames as wedding gifts and they're scattered about with the stock photos still in them...
  6. I tried to add a priority to most of the items. I think I added more items after I prioritized, though...but you can sort the wish list by priority and see the things I wanted most - back when I added priorities to things. :)
  7. Don't feel like you need to spend a ton of money on me. $100-200 is plenty. ;) I kid, I kid. But definitely no more than $300 unless you really want to prove you love me the most.
  8. Hang on to this link - it's going to be my wish list for birthdays, Christmases, and anniversaries (Todd) to come. Have no fear if you misplace it, though - I'll make sure to send out reminder emails before all important life events (and probably even some unimportant ones).