July 6, 2012

Friday Tunes

Day Five: A Song that Reminds Me of Someone

2011: "You Are My Sunshine" by The Pine Ridge Boys
My dad sang the chorus to this song to me all the time when I was little. It was supposed to be our father/daughter dance at my wedding, but the stupid rain meant our stupid wedding couldn't have stupid dancing. *pout*

2012: "Such Great Heights" by The Postal Service
Mr. T made a mix tape CD for me when we had first started dating. He said it was our song. :) Even though our first dance song was going to be "The Most Beautiful Girl" by Flight of the Conchords. Stupid rain... But when I hear this song I can remember the night he gave me the mix tape. It was the sweetest thing...no one had ever made me a mix tape before. We were in my car and I was driving to our friend's house for a party. I have a Spotify playlist with all the songs if you want to take a listen.