July 9, 2012

Dream Post

*wake up to alarm*
“WHOA - baby! I just had the craziest dream!”
“Do you want to hear about it?”
“Yeah, yeah.”
“...will you be able to stay awake?”
“Okay, so...

I was at Mom and Dad’s for some reason - I guess my brother was in town. But I had to go to work, so I was getting ready, and for some reason I wanted to wear one of my old “save the rainforest” t-shirts as an undershirt. So I had that on, tucked into my nice dress pants, and I was getting ready. And then all of a sudden I was driving to work! I had no recollection of anything in between, but I was only half-dressed and didn’t have any lunch. By now I was already off Mom and Dad’s road, so I didn’t want to go back - I figured I’d just call Mom and have her bring me a shirt (since for some reason my job was at the high school). I stopped at a grocery store to get food for lunch and realized I didn’t even have my purse, but Mom’s was in the car and it had cash in it, so I used that to get food. Anyway - I get to “work” (the high school), and Dr. Punch is there helping Little Hippo with homework. I got there super early since I hadn’t actually finished getting ready, so I was able to help for a minute...and the screen on the computer monitor was super resizable. Like...we grabbed the corners and stretched it from a square monitor to a super wide-screen. Anyway - Lil H. had copy/pasted his code from some other IDE into VS, so it destroyed all the indentation and stuff and we were trying to figure out the VS commands to auto-format the code. We finally figured it out (it was some crazy swirly design on the keyboard...super weird) and then Dr. Punch went off on this weird rant about someone’s cute kid and how you shouldn’t draw that design on a kid’s forehead or else the parents will think you’re weird...

Are you awake?”
“. . .”
“You fell asleep, didn’t you?”
“. . .”
“I knew you would!”
“No! I’m awake - I heard what you were saying!”
“Wha-” (“What did I say then?” Is what I was going to ask.)
“You decided to get rid of the shed/out building/outhouse thing, and *mumble mumble mumble - something about Supernatural and people and it would make a great show, or something*”
“Yeah, they all turned out to be silhouettes and *mumble mumble*”
“Yeah, that is not at all what I was talking about.”
“Oh. [. . .] You’re going to write this, aren’t you?”
“Yes. But now I have to get up and get ready for work.”
“Okay, I’m going to go back to sleep and keep having weird dreams.”
*rolls over, farts*


Fun story - I GIS'd "sleeping baby mongoose" for this post's pointless image at the bottom so I'll have an image on my FB page, and I got these pictures: