July 18, 2012

Craptastic Crafting

So I just discovered this new (to me, at least) show on TLC called Craft Wars. As far as reality TV goes...it's pretty good. I like shows like this, though. They have a ton of them involving food, but this is the first non-food one I've seen. Project Runway (coming back this Thursday, happy early birthday to me!!) doesn't count because it's a totally different kind of show.

Anyway, Mr. T came in a caught the tail-end of the 2nd episode and was scoffing at the contestants. At the end he said "I want to be on this show." So... I thought maybe we could start making YouTube videos? Like...take the projects from an episode...give Mr. T a budget so we don't go totally broke and turn him lose in Hobby Lobby for 20 min or so, then when we get home give him the same time constraints as on the show to build whatever they had to build. And of course film the entire thing!

What do you think?

I Googled "crazy crafter" and this was one of the results. I dunno. I just liked the shirt, so why not?