July 16, 2012

A Friendship in Pictures

So I started doing this on my Facebook page, then decided it should maybe be a blog post. I don't know how often I've talked about it on here, but Miss C is pretty much my best friend ever. Stupid ho moved to Vegas for awhile, but now she's back in TN! (Until she moves somewhere else stupid, like Kentucky or somewhere equally lame.) I'm going to go back as far as I can with pictures of us throughout our friendship. I'll try have as few as possible. We'll see how it goes. :)

Okay, we met the summer after our Freshman year in high school. Alright, alright - technically it was winter break, but I didn't like her the first time we met, so it doesn't count. ;) These two pictures are from the summer we became friends. In the picture on the left, we are covered in sunscreen and baby powder because Miss C and our friend from South Korea thought it would be an appropriate birthday present for me to attack me with...sunscreen and baby powder.

I'm pulling pictures from Facebook here, so the dates aren't perfect. But from 2003 to 2006 we saw each other probably every day at school. For your viewing pleasure we have...I believe a trip to Warmth in Winter, our senior prom, and my 18th birthday trip to West TN. It was over 100 degrees outside every day, but the cabin we stayed in was set to be around 50 degrees, I think. We all ended up catching colds in the middle of summer. I don't remember why we didn't just turn the temperature up. I do remember watching the movie Powder.

This is where it gets a lot easier. I got Facebook!! So all my pictures are in chronological order. Except for these past random ones that I uploaded all crazy-like at odd times. First you've got our graduation picture. Yellow robes are a terrible idea, FYI. The other picture I have chosen is just a random picture I took in my car. I can't remember if I had just gotten my hair cut, Miss C had, or I got my eyebrows waxed, or what. But I saw this on my FB and I was like...whoa - we look totally different now! There's also a fun one from the afternoon we played with the Photobooth on my Macbook in my dorm room for hours.

There's only one picture for 2007. This was at a...holy crap, what was the name of that group??...it was a pro-life group we were involved with. Yes, I'm pro-life. Save the babies! I do admit there are gray areas when it comes to health problems/rape, but I don't believe "I don't want it" is a valid reason to abort. If you were having consensual sex, deal with the consequences. Keep it in your pants. :P Whoa, anyway. It was at a pro-life candle-lit vigil or some such thing. Both of us had much smaller boobies back then.

By 2008 Miss C had left MTSU and moved to Manchester. So we kind of lost touch. :( Muy no bueno. (I took three semesters of Spanish, can you tell???) But this is a picture from when CK Dub and I went to visit her. It's kind of a terrible picture, but things were all awkward from not seeing each other for awhile so I didn't take many pictures. Does anyone else do that? There is this awkward amount of time when you're like "Are we still going to be friends? Have we changed? Does she think I'm weird? Is she weird now? What do we talk about??"

I don't believe I saw Miss C at all in 2009. She had joined the Air Force and got stationed in freaking Las Vegas. But here is a picture of CK Dub and I (and a friend who I can't remember if I've nicknamed and I don't want to think of a nickname right now, so I'm just not naming her at all) at her birthday party way back when we were roommates. We lived across the street from a Walmart, so we often would walk over there and just walk back with the cart (yes, we would return it on the next trip, geeze). This one made for an awesome ride that night. We pushed each other all through the parking lot and got invited to a random dude's party in another building. Rock on, shopping cart. I believe this is the year I started drinking seriously... (On cue - Mom calls me!) (Mom rant: she always calls me when she has a terrible signal! She ends up either cutting out a lot or dropping the call altogether. And she knows it's going to happen! The call usually starts with "I'm going through xyz, so I might lose you." And immediately the phone cuts out.) (Mom called me back.)

For funsies, here are a few drunk Sarah pictures. I went through this weird hat-stealing phase. In the first picture, notice I am going for a hat. I do believe it is Little Hippo's. That was a different party at the same apartment. In the second picture you'll see I successfully stole (at least) two hats. This was a party at Little Hippo's house. Well, outbuilding. It was winter and FREEZING. People were wrapped up in coats and blankets and...at least two people were desperately missing their hats. ;) The third picture is from a Halloween party back at that same apartment (we had lots of great parties) with the same unnamed friend from the picture above.

In 2010 I got married!!!! Miss C was, of course, My maid of honor. So she flew in for the week before my wedding to do all sorts of fun things. She also caused the most stressful part of the whole day. ;) Little Miss C had asked her aunt to make her dress for the wedding. Without much communication (including asking for measurements), her aunt made her a dress she wasn't able to pick up until the day of the wedding. And then it didn't fit. (Thank God - it was super ugly, lol!) So she and another bridesmaid had to go to the mall on the day of my wedding and find a green dress to wear! But it all worked out, and I really didn't get stressed out about it. Because I was an awesome bride. :P Here are pictures from the  bachelorette party and wedding.

In 2011 I went with my friends...let's see if I can remember all the nicknames...Banana, Geddy, aaaaaand....Tony? We'll say Tony for now. I went with them to Vegas to see Miss C myself. It was a ton of fun and also kind of awkward. Miss C and I enjoyed drinking more than everyone else that went (two of them don't drink at all), so that caused some complications when making plans. :) But I think we all had a good time anyway. We survived, at least! And we didn't gamble at all. Well, Tony played slots in the airport when we were leaving. We saw a Cirque du Soliel show and The Phantom of the Opera. Both were excellent. Here is a group picture that Banana isn't in, for some reason (sad face!), and then a picture of Miss C and I together.

Oh thank God it's over. You have no idea what I've been through! Stupid stupid Blogger. I've had to go into their awful, awful automatically-generated HTML to try to make sense of all these pictures. This post has taken me, no joke, at least an hour to put together. And it will probably be my least read. It's just a bunch of pictures of me, for crying out loud! Anyway - we are now to 2012 and Miss C has moved back to TN!! She went with me to a friend's wedding and we took these pictures. (Mr. T had to work, which was kind of a blessing since that meant Miss C was able to help me with hair and makeup.) Couple of notes - yes, that is my bra strap. I was wearing a strapless dress with a...shrug?...over it at work, but it was 115 degrees and my car doesn't have A/C. So I took the shrug off. There was an outline of my body in sweat on my seat when we finally got to the church for the rehearsal. The second picture was supposed to show off my fantastic hair/makeup, but all my pretty hair is on the other side of my head, so you can't really tell that I look any different. And Miss S hadn't had a chance to put any makeup on after sweating it all off, so she'll probably kill me for posting this.