May 28, 2013

100 Days of Pictures: Day 11

Something I Hate

Failing at a DIY. This was my attempt to make homemade peanut butter. Everything was going so well! Shell a pound of raw peanuts, then bake them at some temperature for 40-60 minutes. I did 45 min and...they were almost charred. That women either has a terrible oven or is at an extremely different elevation than I am. Then we had to run them through a food processor, and it all just clumped to the blade and spun around in circles with it - I eventually had to put it in the blender. But Mr. T's suggestion to add more oil to try to get the food processor to work had already been acted it is brown and extra oily, and tastes like burnt peanuts. We never made a sandwich with it and I have no clue if it's even still in the fridge. Siiiiigh... I may try this again one day. But I'm still bitter about shelling all those peanuts for no good reason. Peanut butter is not that expensive. 8P