May 29, 2013


Mr. T and I like to camp. Apparently this is not a well-known fact, since Little Hippo is always shocked when I mention I'm going camping. But maybe that's just Little Hippo being especially dense...

For our first anniversary we went to Cedars of Lebanon. It's really close to Murfreesboro, so it was easy. I think we only stayed one night?

Aren't we just precious?

Last year we went with my family to Henry Horton - it's sort of between Murfreesboro and Franklin. We were going to do a Trash the Dress session, and then get family pictures. Unfortunately my sister got a stomach bug and had to leave early. So it was just my parents and my sister's kids. And the TTD of course.

My Facebook photo albums are just a mess. I can't find any pictures of us from that camping trip that aren't from the TTD session. So I'll just use one of them, I suppose. 8} I keep meaning to get organized with my life. It keeps not happening. I think I'm going to ask for a fancy camera for Christmas this year. Better late than never to start keeping track of memories, right?

Just. Precious.

Anyway - this year we are going to have several camping opportunities. This weekend my family is going camping again (we're trying to turn it into a "thing") - this time to Tim's Ford. We have my mom's mom's family reunion in Alabama on Saturday, then we're going camping. Mr. T has to be back at work on Monday, but I'm going to stay until Tuesday. I'm sure I'll have all sorts of stories when I get back. ;)

The next weekend isn't really "camping" per say... We're going to BONNAROOOOOO! Mr. T and I have wanted to go for years, but were too poor and not interested enough in the bands to make it worth it. This year it's on. I'm including it with my camping post because we'll be sleeping in tents and probably be pretty disgusting.

For our anniversary we're going to try to go down to Atlanta to see some friends of ours and go to Six Flags. But we have to camp, too!! So now we've decided we want to try to camp in every state at least once. I guess we'll start with Georgia! We probably will have to camp more often than just our anniversary...I'd hate to be 70 and trying to pitch a tent in Alaska. >.<