May 15, 2013

Big News!

You guys, Splinter's going to be a big brother!!



*ahem - excuse me. Anyway - we're (maybe) getting another dog!!!!

"Why?" you ask, incredulously. "Why, indeed." I respond. Because in this house we don't play by the rules of sane people. We are craaa-baoiaoubhabhkhabka-zyyyyyyyy! Woooooooo!! Sorry, I've also not been getting enough sleep as of late.

I know you want to see the cute li'l ragamuffin, so here he is:

Petfinder Profile
Now, some people (Little Hippo I have a nickname for you?....I'll go with Spears for now, because you're a "womanizer, woman-womanizer, you're a womanizer" (I kid, I kid) but also - shaved head. YOU HAVE SO MUCH IN COMMON!) (Did I close all my parentheses? I think so.) (Well now I just need to start this sentence over - it makes no sense anymore.) Now, some people say little Zealand here is ugly. Well, to them I say "Your mom." Because omg cute puppy!! Look at his brindle coat, and his ONE. WHITE. LEG. *squee Plus, I've always loved Italian Greyhounds AND Whippets. I found this little guy in an attempt to prove that you can find any breed of dog you want from a shelter. I was all "Petfinder - give me any Whippets that are available near my zip code." And Petfinder was all "Here's a dog you need right now." And I was all "You're right!"


We were going to wait on getting another dog, until this fall. We should be able to pay off one of Mr. T's loans by the end of October and we were going to do it then. But then this little guy fell into our lives! Our liiiiiiiiives... I can't remember when I first found this little guy - I'm going to say it was at least a month ago. I talked myself down and we went on with our lives. And then. And. Then. For some reason I thought about him again yesterday. No clue why. I was just like "Wonder if that dog is still on Petfinder." AND HE WAS. Well poop. So then I was all "Maybe he's super cheap...I'll just email them and see." $200

Which, honestly, is not that bad. He's a foster, which means he's living in someone's home and being socialized (hopefully) and not stuck in a cage in some shelter somewhere. He's house trained. Not a puppy. They know he's good with other dogs and children (not been cat tested - I'll get to that). He's up-to-date on all vaccines and heartworm prevention. He'll be neutered and microchipped. And they give you 5-7 days as a "trial period" to make sure he gets along with everyone before you're committed. Pretty sweet deal, considering we had to pay over $100 for Splinter at the shelter, then pay for the neuter, microchip, etc. ourselves. Plus he had kennel cough and a ripped ear that they didn't bother fixing since he'd be put down if he wasn't adopted. omg guys - please adopt animals from shelter/rescues/etc.

So, yeah...we decided to apply to adopt him. Shouldn't have any issues. They do require a home visit, so we may have to dope Splinter up on Benadryl to get him to behave while they're there. Or maybe I'll take the Benadryl... They also call your vet, which is my sister, which might not go well. "She's doing what?!?! No, I'm not her vet - don't let them adopt another dog!" lulz She is not a dog person. She'd probably have 5 cats if her husband would let her, but she does not like dogs.

UPDATE: Apparently the person I've been emailing about him used to work with Mr. T and Roommate way back when. I had them listed on the application and she was all "Are these the same guys who used to work at Cracker Barrel?" She added Mr. T (and then I stalkerishly added her also) on FB and her profile picture is her with the dog! He's so stinking cute, guys. I'm not sure if her knowing Mr. T and Roommate will help our adoption case any, though... lol!