May 30, 2013

100 Days of Pictures: Day 12

Something I Love

Chairman Meow; Queen Khat

Master Splinter; Prince Vigo: Scourge of Carpathia

Okay, so it's two pictures. I seriously doubt I will ever get all four of these guys in one picture that actually looks like anything. Maybe I should get the cats little harnesses? 8} What a disaster. I'd have two dogs dragging me while I drug two cats... I'd probably just let go of the leashes and head out of state.

You'll also note Khat got a name upgrade. Since we have a chairman, a master, and a prince I felt it was only fair to make Khat royalty as well. She is the most noble of all of them. And by far the most overweight (proportionally). And Khat don't take sh*t from nobody.