May 8, 2013

Rescue Animals


I never though about becoming some sort of animal rights person. Actually...I'm not really one at all. Well, I'm the most lackluster kind possible, anyway. I share links on FB, and I'm part of SurveyMonkey - every time I take a survey, PetFinder gets $.50 - that's the extent of my "save the animals" campaign.

Until recently I never really thought about shelter/rescue animals at all. I knew getting pets from pet stores was a bad thing - I'd heard of puppy mills. I knew, thanks to The Price is Right that I should spay/neuter my own pets. I knew I didn't care enough about a purebred dog to spend all the money to buy one from a breeder. But that's about it.

As I've gotten more "involved" with dog/cat rescue groups (in that I've "liked" them on Facebook)...I'm shocked. I knew I changed after visiting PAWS the first time - when we decided to adopt Splinter. And I almost decided to adopt all the dogs. >.< I made a personal vow that day to only get shelter/rescue dogs for the rest of my life. But it was just a personal decision at that point.

Now...I find myself losing respect for anyone who doesn't feel the same way. I know it sounds harsh, but ohmygoodness, guys. There are so. many. pets in shelters right now. So many! I have a friend back in my hometown who has taken it upon herself to rescue local dogs. She takes care of them herself, and is housing close to (if not over) 20 dogs right now! While I sit here and feel like we can't afford a second! There is another girl who has a FB page that is doing the same thing. I actually got a friend to adopt a cat from her not too long ago. My boss is heavily involved with a no-kill group in Williamson County. My brother-in-law used to work for PAWS. My sister said she went in to visit him one day while he was putting dogs down and it was the worst thing she'd ever seen. Just dog after dog - puppy after puppy - getting euthanized. Because YOU wanted a "purebred" dog. So, yeah. Don't talk to me about wanting to buy from a breeder, okay? Because I will judge you. Harshly.

And omg if you even think about breeding your own dog I will straight up stop talking to you for all time.


I Hate Dog Breeders