May 6, 2013


One of the things we've been attempting to do is compost. Thankfully it's pretty hard to screw up composting, because I've done my best to screw this up. >.< I bought a little 5 gallon bin from Walmart and threw some scraps in it. Got some dirt and worms from the yard, too. You may remember my rant about The Kids way back when...I kind of mentioned composting in that. It's the reason I was raking up grass. But, yeah - it started growing mold at one point, then we left it out in the rain and it filled up with water. Twice. (Note for next time - put the holes on the SIDES of the container, not the top.) And then Splinter got into it. I haven't given up on it, though! The worms haven't died despite being drowned twice, which is a minor miracle. If they haven't given up on life, then I won't give up on them! This is one of those projects that's going to take months to really pay off, which is lame. INSTANT GRATIFICATION, PLEASE.

It's fine, though - really. I mean, we totally jacked up the timeline on getting grass planted (rant here) so I'm pretty sure we won't get around to actually gardening this spring/summer anyway. If it keeps raining every weekend it's going to take us until October to get ready to plant grass, anyway, so no need to stress about the yard. 8} And since we're eventually tearing up the carpet and putting in hardwood, I won't freak out too much about all the muddy dog prints. Woo! Chaos before order, right?

There are no pictures for this post, because it's about decaying produce and jacked up backyards. Carry on with your day - nothing to see here.