May 1, 2013


Mmmmm... My husband. I lurve him. I think we work well together - compliment each other. Things I'm good at he's so, so bad at. And vice versa, of course. He's very artistic, and super creative. His brain works in magical ways - he's a very slow reader, but has amazing retention. I'm not so artistic...and I can be "creative" - if I steal an idea from Pinterest! I read super fast, but forget a lot...even important plot points. >.< I'm good with details and organization; it's a miracle he remembers to wear pants every day. 8P

So it's to be expected that I end up with the boring 8:00 to 5:00 desk job. Steady income, insurance, freaking hour-long commute, and a business-casual dress code. Mr. T is a tattoo artist and the only "dress code" is close-toed shoes to avoid bio-hazards. And now he's opened an art gallery. Two-Tone Art Gallery. TWO TONE!

I think it's awesome. Some people are concerned about the financial strain, and to that I say "p'tooey!" I mean, yeah, it's going to be a sink hole of funds. But we knew that going into it. And he's actually sold a handful of paintings! Sad to say, that's more than we thought. >.< At least at first. His goal is to break even sometime in the next three years or so. lol! Rent and utilities are relatively cheap, since he's sharing the space with a friend of ours who has a recording studio.

Anyway, I think what he's doing is freaking awesome and I'm so very proud of him. He's working hard - now his hours are 9:00-9:00 most days. And he only complains a little. Much less than I would. 8} The way I see it, some husbands have hobbies like fishing, hunting, or fixing up old cars. Mine went out and opened an art gallery. 8D