June 11, 2012

Belated Sunday Post - I Apologize with YouTube Videos

Oopsies! I blame Miss C - she came to see me this weekend and I totally forgot to post last night. :P But now you get two today! Maybe...actually, I don't think I have any more saved up. Crap. Now I have to write two tonight?! Balls... Anyway - here are some YouTube videos to apologize for breaking my promise.

First on the agenda, the cutest freaking piglet video you are going to see this week. Unless you start watching the "related videos" off to the side that are full of cute piglet shenanigans.

Next, these chicks are freaking AMAZING. I'm so jealous.

Heh. Fun fact - I totally dance like her when I sing along in the radio. And by "dance" I mean move my head like her. And by "her" I mean a weird hybrid between her and the dude in the back with the bongos and blue polo. Dude is HAPPY. As am I when this song comes on the radio.

Finally, I had NO IDEA this was Justin Beiber. I don't know how to respond. Other than to say he is really bad at lip-syncing. And now I can't say I've never listened to a Beiber song. I'm still not 100% sure I like it, but...it gets stuck in my head.