June 12, 2012

HBO Woes

So we totally added HBO/Showtime to our cable subscription just so we could watch True Blood and Weeds. I'm sure I've mentioned it in the past. I'm not looking. Suck it. Well Sunday at 8:00 was the start of the 5th season of True Blood. Holy smokes it was exciting. When we got to watch it. At 11:00. THREE HOURS LATER. ;)

It was quite upsetting. 1 - I was an idiot. I've lived in the Central Time Zone my entire life and still took 9:00pm to mean 9:00pm and not 8:00pm. I WAS A FOOL. But it didn't matter, anyway - when I started looking for it at a time I thought was 30 min early but was, in fact, 30 min late...we realized we don't have HBO. We have HBO2. And all the other HBOs. But no plain vanilla HBO. Same with Showtime. HBO is supposed to start on 350. Our guide skips from 250 to 351. You can't even punch the numbers in on the controller and get it to show up. We tried to call customer support and that was a fail. They supposedly notified our local office, but we didn't hear from them all day, so I'm guessing that didn't actually happen. Luckily HBO-W reaired it at 11:00pm. Which is who-knows-when on the West coast. (I don't care, by the way.)

Okay, he hasn't actually shown up yet, but he will in Ep 2, and the fact that he's The Authority makes me so freaking happy. You have no idea. :)