June 6, 2012


Alright, I doubt you missed the last post. But if you did...go read it, or this one won't make sense (do they ever?).

I guess I left off with my email to my parents. Ummm... Well, really the only thing left is this message from my darling stick-my-nose-in-everyone's-business-to-cause-family-drama-cousin:
I did I sent you the message. I did not say that you are or are not a Christian. You knew it would upset her that's why you did not show them to her first. She should be upset. You will never understand until you have children. Even when they are adults they are still your child. I was not the first family member to be upset with the pictures. I was the first to say something to you privately. Sorry your mad and I still love you.
A message I really don't care to respond to. I talked to Sister again and she's talked to Mom (I still haven't). She's feeling better now that she knows the pictures aren't as bad as SOME MORON told her. She's still upset, but...hopefully she'll recover more quickly. God, I want to punch my cousin in the face. With a very large stick. Mom sent me a (really, really) long email. I'm not going to post it, but... Yeah. She's my mom. She's wordy. I may take after her...

But holy crap my cousin! She didn't even apologize for hurting Mom. She's feels completely justified. I really feel like this is a speck/log situation. She is so. awful. about gossiping. She spreads so many rumors (and straight-up lies) around our family about our family. I'm totally writing her off. [redacted for this was family gossip]

(Side note: I'm watching Ghost Whisperer and she's seeing this vision where cars are falling from the sky and so she's running around, screaming like an idiot, and no one else can see the cars. But no one even gave her a sideways glance. "Oh it's just that crazy woman who talks to herself...")

Mmmmm... She's a cunt. Good day!

Update: I lied. I totally just sent her this:
...You're not even going apologize for how badly you hurt my mother? She thought there were pictures of me online totally in the nude! And you didn't even talk to her in person - you left her a voicemail! 

You just proved my point about the family gossiping instead of talking to me. I said "coming to me as an adult and discussing it with me" - in what universe did your message do that? You yelled at me like a child. 

If I were 15 and living in my parents' house and you discovered something about me that would upset my parents you would be totally justified in going to her. But this time you weren't. Yes, I will always be their child, but I am also an adult now. And adults make their own choices and live their own lives. Yes, I knew it would hurt her. So I kept her out of it. How is it better that she knows? Please explain.

No, never mind - I don't care. I'm not wasting my time on any of this any more. You have been spreading lies and gossip in our family for years. Please keep me out of it from now on.

I still love everyone, also. But I would much prefer the next time anyone has a problem with a decision I've made about my life they come to me directly instead of...whatever just happened with all of this. Things have gotten totally out of control and way too many people were hurt.