June 7, 2012

Who I Am

I stole this from Facebook also. I wrote it back in 2010...seems like forever ago. But I was very eloquent. So I'm going to paste it and then update the information. I may add some stuff at the end, dunno. I haven't actually read it yet. Just playing this one by ear. :)

My name is [redacted, for funsies]. I was born [redacted, for more funsies] back in [year redacted] (I'm 22 [almost 24], don't try to add - you'll hurt yourself[I deleted the year - for funsies!!]). I'm a grad student at [recent graduate] from [university redacted], getting [having just completed] my Master's in Computer Science. I'm married to a man who is so amazing...I can't put into words how important he is to me.

I'm a Christian. I believe there is a Higher Being, and I call him God. I believe Jesus is his Son and came to this measly little planet, lived a perfect life, and died unfairly to save all of us from our failures and shortcomings. I believe that if you don't believe the same thing, you're missing out on everything God has planned for you - including an eternity in Heaven. I'm sorry if that upsets you. If you're reading this, you should be old enough to make up your own mind about your beliefs. If you believe differently than I do, then you do. I can't change your mind. I'll gladly talk to you about it, but I'm by no means eloquent and if you're looking for a good debate, move on.

I have five [seven] tattoos. The only visible ones are my dragon on my ankle [the lantern on my back (that I totally forgot about and took about 30 seconds to remember where my 7th tattoo was...)] and the heart on my ring finger. I have a giraffe on my [right] ribs, a cartoon character on my hip, [a massive still-under-construction steampunk rib piece on my left ribs] and a garter around my left thigh. None of them have significant meaning except for the heart. But all of them are important to me. I got them because I like them. I plan on getting many more. Yes, I know it's permanent. Yes, I know they'll be deformed when I get old. YES - I KNOW they hurt. If you ask me why I have tattoos, I will ask you why you DON'T. It's probably the same reason - you don't want them and I do. Now let's move on with our lives, shall we?

Oh, one more thing about body modification. Stop being so d*mn judgmental toward people who look differently from you. Just because someone is covered in tattoos, piercings, dresses unlike you, has weird hair (by your definitions of "normal" and "weird"), is a different skin color, speaks differently, etc. doesn't make them wrong, or a bad person. They're just different! I'm sure if you took your "normal" butt to another part of the world (or even another part of the country) they would consider you "weird" and "different."

I drink alcohol. I drink to the point of drunk. I don't do it often, but I do do it. [I do it more often than I used to...] I enjoy it. I don't judge people for staying sober, or for getting drunk. I believe if you HAVE to drink, then you should probably stop and seek help. Sure, if you're of age and don't drink for any reason than "I don't want to." I may try to get you to, but only jokingly. I respect anyone's decision to stay sober. If you think it's morally wrong, I won't even joke with you, promise. :) [I think I'm a pretty awesome drunk - ask anyone who has spent time with me. Life of the party, this one. :P]

I think cigarettes are the stupidest thing in the world to get addicted to. I will admit that I own a hookah and I have smoked flavored tobacco out of it. It's been months since I have, and even when I did use it fairly often it was less than a handful of times in a month. I don't smoke pot, but only because it's illegal. The severity of the punishment for marijuana is so ridiculously extreme it's not worth it to me. I do support legalization and I would smoke if it were legal.

I don't curse. I honestly don't care if you do, but when little kids and old people do it it weirds me out. And I will get pissed if I see someone teaching a kid to swear because they think it's funny. I do say things like "pissed." [And "dick" and "balls" and "cunt" and...lots of references to genitalia, apparently.]

I saved myself for my husband (yes, that means sex).

I bite my nails.

I do things like this to put off my homework, even though it's built up so high I can't see an end in sight (except for all those deadlines with big, fat zeros waiting on the other side). [I'm doing this now (thank God I don't have homework any more) because I am so. sick. of living my life afraid of what people (read: my family) think of me. I don't think alcohol is bad, I don't think tattoos are bad, I don't think cleavage is bad, and I don't think taking pictures of yourself wrapped in sheets holding a cat with your hair in a mohawk and then posting them online is bad. Apparently. Because I did that.]

I know I'm not perfect, and I don't believe any human on this planet (minus Jesus, of course, but I don't really consider him "human") has ever been or will ever be perfect. My goal is to do the best I can in the time I have here. I make at least a million mistakes every day, and I'm sorry if I've ever said or done something to you that hurts my witness as a Christian (or even just as a decent human being).

[I made it through six years of school, got an amazing job within a month of graduating, and am now making...way more money that I can believe. I work hard (enough), I play hard. I love my family so much that I have tried for the past six years to hide from them how I've grown into a woman I'm actually quite proud of. After spending my entire childhood trapped in this awkward, frightened little person I finally got over it and now I'm...an awkward, strange, and - when drunk - quite loud little person. But I like this one. I'm keeping her. And I don't want to keep hiding her from people like she's something to be ashamed of.]

So, yeah.... That's me! Sorry if it's more than you wanted to know. I just wanted to get it out there. [Just please don't tell my parents about the tattoos on my ribs.]