January 25, 2013


Our anniversary is still several months away....but it's rainy and cold and gross outside. I want to fantasize about summer heat. Even though when it is August I'll probably be dreaming of winter and snow....fickle humans.

Anyway - for the past two anniversaries we've gone camping. But! I have six more days to purchase this (if it's past Jan. 31, "this" is a Groupon for either four or seven nights in a resort in Costa Rica). Wouldn't that be AWESOME?! Even though it is 50% off, it's still a huge chunk of change ($450 for four nights, $709 for seven nights)....so I can't really justify doing it this year. Maybe for our five-year anniversary, right before we have kids and our fun-filled life come screeching to a halt.

But Mr. T is saying he wants to do something different this year...like maybe go on a cruise. That would be cool. At the same time my brain is screaming "But we camp!!" Apparently it thinks that doing the same thing two years in a row is a tradition and we should never, ever break it. On our 50th anniversary we'll be in our 70s trying to put a tent together and eating ramen cooked over a fire.... And that's if there is even any "nature" to "camp" in fifty years from now...

Anyway, just wanted to ramble for a minute. I'm trying to get better about posting. It only takes a couple minutes to ramble then hit "Publish" so I don't feel like too terrible of an employee for doing it at work. No, I'm a terrible employee. Please don't fire me. :(