January 3, 2013


I wrote this list of resolutions on a break at work. It's a bit long, but the more you have the more you'll succeed in, right? Maybe? Some of them should be pretty easy to do... I'll try to check in on it once a month and see how I'm doing. Sound like a plan? Gooooood.

  1. buy a planner to record work outs
    • I tried tracking it in Google Drive documents, but....as much as I love computers, this is just something I feel like I have to physically write down.
  2. work out!
    • 30 Day Shred on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday
    • yoga on Monday and Friday
    • crunches on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday
  3. blog more
    • look at me - blogging away! check this one off the list!! 8}
  4. buy a new (cheap) laptop
    • We need a mobile computer. We don't need some fancy gaming laptop that costs a buttload of bills. I'll need to do some research on this...
  5. spend more time with friends
    • I've implemented a weekly Ladies' Night that just so happens to occur on the same night as Mr. T's poker night! What a random crazy happenstance!
    • Of course, I can't totally write off my CS peeps (who are 99% male). I figure periodic movie nights and meeting them for dinner and/or ice cream will suffice. 8P
  6. devotional with the husband
    • I caught myself several times almost writing Mr. T's actual name on here (not like you don't all know us, but still...)
    • We got a devotional book from Sister and her husband and I meant to start doing that on Jan 1. WHOOPS.
  7. make the bedroom awesome
    • No, this isn't some sexual reference, as much as Mr. T would like for it to be. I want to buy (or let Mr. T build) proper bedroom furniture, get my desk sanded and stained, and get our bedroom organized. It's utter chaos right now and I don't want that to continue. Harumph!
  8. steampunk photo shoot SUCCESS
    • I want to do a steampunk photo shoot in the spring/summer. I want it to go well.
  9. discover a love for coding
    • I mean - I got my degree in it! I need to find some project, some....something....that makes me actually enjoy it! I have no clue what, though. Any advice?
  10. do crafts - improve our home
    • I don't want to just do random stupid things - I want to do things to make our lives better! To the Pinterest board!!
  11. take better care of the animals
    • When I wrote this, I was mainly thinking of flea/tick/heartworm prevention. But it could also go toward making sure the litter box is always cleaned out, they all get enough attention, they always have fresh water, etc. Just spread a little more love to my four-legged housemates.
  12. go to all the doctors
    • I still have to tell you about my chiropractor experience...but on top of that I have to go to the gyno and get new BC (Implanon Rod, here we come!); Mr. T needs to go to a gen practitioner and get a full physical and prescription for that quit smoking pill; we both need to go to a dentist; and I need more contacts.
  13. get TV and Internet back
    • y'all....I be going cray cray up in my hizous with no TV/Internet. Cray. Cray.
  14. no unfinished tattoos!!!!!
    • I have nine tattoos on my body. Four of them were done by Mr. T. Three of those are unfinished. And one of the others is also unfinished. THE FOUR UNFINISHED ONES WILL BE COMPLETED BY 2014.
I think that's more than enough. But I could probably come up with some more, if you gave me a minute.