January 28, 2013


Dreams, man.... I've been known to have some weird ones. I know I had one a day or two ago, but I can't remember it. I told Mr. T about it, but when I asked him if he remembered, he said there was something about bees. That's not ringing any bells for me, so....who knows? But I do remember my dream from last night! It freaked me out more than a little bit.

So I was in our "home" but it was actually my parents' house. I was going outside to feed our dog. (When I was telling this to Mr. T it wasn't until I got to "I was going outside to feed - " when I realized we didn't actually own the dog I was going to feed, so I had no idea what its name was. It was this big German Shepard type dog. Maybe I was channeling our neighbors' freaking annoying bark machines....) Anyway, I stepped outside our front door and there was the dog, waiting on his food. But laying in front of the porch was Bunny, my family's old dog. She died several years ago, but she was laying out there like she used to, waiting to be petted. (pet?) I looked around and I saw all the dogs my family had ever owned - Cream Puff was over by the driveway, and there were several others scattered around. They were all just....staring at me. None of them were moving, except Bunny was wagging her tail.

Then I realized I had forgotten to actually get the dog food, so I (thankfully) backed slowly into the house, to go get the food. I was hoping all the dogs would be gone when I came back. But they weren't. They were just...staring. I can't explain how very creeped out I was am by this. It's really dark outside - cloudy and spooky. I look over toward my aunt's house and the sky is almost green and there are three (three) tornadoes heading for the houses! So I run inside and my grandmother (Dad's mom, who passed away about seven years ago) was standing in the living room, watching TV. I grabbed her arm and told her a tornado was coming, we needed to get in the bathroom.

We get in just in time - the house is shaking. I feel this crazy static charge...like the hair on my arms is raising up. Then the air gets really....light. Almost like we could float. It was so bizarre. I've never been in a tornado, so I have no idea what it's really like. Anyway...eventually the tornadoes pass without totally destroying our house (I never actually looked around too closely, but the bathroom was fine at least and I don't remember any crashing/house-destroying sounds). Then I realize I hadn't gotten the dog from outside! So I run out to the garage on the side of the house, and somehow the garage door was closed and the dog was safely inside the garage. But he was staring at me like "I can't believe you left me out here in that storm!"

And then I woke up. Someone interpret that dream for me. Let me know what the f it means. Because those dogs seriously freaked me out.