January 24, 2013

Yogurt and Rambling

I bought yogurt at Publix recently....I try to get the store brand because there is a significant price difference between Yoplait and Publix/Kroger yogurt. But the options are less than ideal. I don't want to end up with 5 cartons of strawberry banana, so I decided to branch out - try new things. Aaaaaand....results are "meh". I found one new flavor I was pleasantly surprised with, and two that I do not care for at all.

Flavors of yogurt I've tried recently that I do not like:
  • Black Forest Cake
  • Cinnamon Bun
Flavors of yogurt I've tried recently that I do like:
  • Caramel something-or-other

I'm eating the black forest cake one now and....I don't know if I would like black forest cake in its natural form, but I am not a fan of it in its live culture form. I just started using this new app called MyFitnessPal, though, and you have to track the calories you consume. I already told it I ate the yogurt, so now I feel like I have to eat it...so gross! But I'll be starving by lunch if I don't.

I tried to track my calories a few days ago, but we went out to a restaurant because one of the guys in the office just got a new job. I didn't know how to determine how many calories my delicious pizza was and got scared and stopped using the app. Today I will succeed!! But really - how are you supposed to know how many calories are in something you've cooked at home not from a box, or ordered at a restaurant?