January 30, 2013


Guys - one day I'll be an adult and be able to dress myself.

I bought this skirt forever ago, but haven't worn it to work because I wasn't sure what shoes/shirt to wear with it. Today I was finally "I'm going to wear it!" And trying to find a shirt and shoes is one of the reasons I was late to work today. There was also the tornado warnings that woke up me around 3:30 and kept me up for about an hour; the tattoo I got last night (tattoos always drain your energy); the idiots who can't drive the speed limit if it's raining; and school zones.

But anyway. I've already gotten two compliments on the skirt! I told one lady she validated my clothing choices this morning, because I'd struggled with finding an outfit. 8} Then I looked in the mirror (we were in the bathroom) and realized I forgot to put plugs in my ears today. >.<

One day. One day I'll get it together. Maybe.