January 21, 2013


I'm doing it. I'm getting crafty. CAN YOU HANDLE THAT?!

I've started up a Ladies' Night that happens weekly at my hizz-ouse. So far we've had...two? The first night (Jan 2) we watched Bridesmaids and then played some version of Dirty Minds that is a board game. It was way more fun than the other Dirty Minds game my friends and I had played a few years ago - it didn't have a board game setup. I'm not sure now how it worked, but I remember being disappointed. So there you go - game review! The 2nd night (Jan 9) we just watched a movie. Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang, I think. And we talked a little after. Last week I was sick, so I called it off. My house, my rules. 8P

But this week. Ooohh, this week. CRAFTS! I'm using them as an excuse to get my DIY on. I'm planning a super fantastical photo shoot that I can't remember if I've mentioned here or not....I'm not sure if I want it to be super-secret or not, so I'm gonna keep it on the DL for this post. 8D At any rate, because of said photo shoot, I got a Pinterest account. And then my life as I knew it was over. I knew why I didn't have one - I get addicted to Internet things. And, yes, I'm addicted. It pisses me off a lot - I've re-pinned my own pins more than once - but I keep coming back for more. I now have seven (SEVEN) boards:

  1. inspiration board for photo shoot
  2. inspiration for future tattoos
  3. basic DIY stuff
  4. ideas for turning our great room steampunk-y
  5. ideas for turning our great room's closet into a reading nook/library
  6. ideas for updating the shower in our bathroom
  7. plant-related things for gardens and indoor potted plants
I've also added...probably 5-10 new subscriptions to my Google Reader involving DIY things. And I have a new bookmark folder called "DIY" with 12 (TWELVE) sub-folders. So, what I'm saying is, I've got the DIY bug. (Hehe, I typed "but" instead of "bug" the first time.)

I'm doing string art. I've seen it popping up everywhere (now that I'm a DIY connoisseur) and I love it. The thing I'm doing on Wednesday was inspired by this:

Instead of "LOVE" I'm putting "est. 2010" (that's the year we got married). I've already started on it,because I want to already have all the hammering/painting done before I have a lot of ladies in my house. Hammering is annoying, and I don't want to have to go outside and spray paint after dark! Even though I'll probably be doing that, anyway, tonight or tomorrow. Stupid winter with its super early sunsets. *grumble grumble* I'll wait and do a post about that specifically once it's finished, just because this one is getting long and I'm not done yet. 8P

I'm going to hang this bad boy over our couch in the living room. But I made mine 2'x2' (she did hers 3.5'x3.5' but that looked freaking HUGE at Lowe's), so I'm going to have some extra space. I was thinking about what to put there - we have these two swirly tea-light holding wall hanging thingies up there now, with some Chinese calendars that Mr. T will finish painting one day.... *shruuuuuuuug

And, like I sad - this string/yarn art is EVERYWHERE. I've found a couple other projects....

This one uses yarn. They just hammered directly into the wall, but I was thinking maybe using wood letters. And instead of "HOME SWEET HOME" doing "THE WILSONS". So it would tie in with my "est. 2010" Eh? Eh? I was thinking the wooden letters would be good, so I could move it if I needed to, without having to destroy/recreate it. Her's looks a lot bigger than 4" tall, though.... But my wall is also a lot smaller. So it may all balance out.

AND - I found another one!

Isn't that too freaking cute?! Get a little TN and put a heart over M'boro.... *squee! This one is a lot smaller than the other two, but uses waaaaay more nails. I probably won't do white-on-white, either. I want the thread to stand out a little more.

What do you think - is it too much thread/yarn art in one spot? Would it be overkill? Or would it be cute? I feel like it would be cute, but I'm kind of caught up in the drama of the moment. At any rate - all I'm doing now is the "est. 2010" one. We'll see how that turns out before we start on anything else. ;)