January 16, 2013


Mr. T sent me a text around 8:30 this morning, saying "How do you wake up this early all the time?" He had woken up at 7:30, when I was leaving the house (late), to go to Nashville with old Roommate to get old Roommate's mom's car worked on, or something. I replied with "Now you see why I'm so tired?? I was up an hour before you got up!" Sometimes, being an adult - with an adult 8:00-5:00 job - suuuuucks. Like, every weekday at 6:30am.

I used to get here before my boss on most mornings. There were a couple days where I walked in the office and didn't see ANYONE. There was this moment of panic/joy, thinking "Maybe there isn't work today?!" and then someone walked by and there would be relief/sadness. Once winter started creeping in, and we had like forty-bajillion holidays, my ability to be a punctual employee went out the window. For awhile there I was getting to work consistently late. Only 10-15 minutes, but still. I always felt bad about it.

But! In this new, glorious year, I was improving! I had a workout routine that I was mostly sticking to - I worked out two nights a week, did crunches most other nights....I hadn't started yoga yet, because of no Internet. (Still haven't told that story, have I?) I would shower at night, so I'd get ready on time and get to work on time! Things were going great! 2013! Woo! And then. Aaaaaand then. Sneezing. Sooo much sneezing. Runny nose? Nooooooooo..... Sneezing, coughing, congestion, leaky faucet nose, death. I have a cold.

I was 30 minutes late for work today.