September 6, 2011

Movies and Spoons - Our History

First Meeting - The Movies

I was dating the Emo (He wasn't really emo, but this is how I will refer to him. He was actually very lovely, and we probably could have been good friends if we had never dated, but...anyway. He's the Emo for this.) So - I was dating the Emo. A friend invited us to come see a movie at the university's theater (The Departed, maybe?) with a group of friends. The Emo and I arrive first, and sit down. The group comes in, and somehow Mr. T and I end up sitting beside each other. Introductions are made, and when my name is revealed Mr. T informs me that it is a terrible name. He asks my middle name and insists on calling me that. I found out later (much, much later) that he had just ended a relationship with someone who had the same name, but at the time it felt like instant hatred came at me out of nowhere.

He realized what he had done and instantly felt terrible. But instead of apologizing and trying to explain, he asked the person on the other side of him to switch seats. You and I can see how this would do the opposite of help the current situation, but that's just how Mr. T's mind works. Now I think he hates me and he thinks I hate him and we leave the first meeting with anything but love at first sight.

Spooning Our Way to Love

Two years have passed since we first met. Other than occasionally seeing each other around campus (before Mr. T dropped out), we never really hung out. We both dated other people along the way, but two years later we were both single and at the same place at the same time. I had just gotten out of a relationship with the D*bag (he is totally deserving of the name - and worse) and a large gathering of friends had decided to go bowling. I believe it was even Mr. T's birthday. So we go bowling, then swimming, and Mr. T finds out I've never learned to properly swim. What followed was an unmitigated failure of a swimming lesson. By the way - I still can't do more than doggie paddle.

A few days later there is...a gathering...of people at a friend's apartment in the same complex as mine. Look who's there again! Another night of awkward associating with my eventual awkward forever life partner. This night we all end up crashing at this friend's apartment. It ends with four people passed out in bed together (don't worry, all clothes remain on throughout the course of the night) - the friend who lives there, Mr. T, me, and another friend. Night #1 of spooning. A magical, awkward, four-way of spoons.

Remarkably, we found ourselves in a similar circumstance the next night. Only this night we're Aware of each other. Somehow we've managed to suggest to each other (not in words, oh no - never that) that we might actually like each other, instead of hating. Who knew? There were several minutes of tension. And since this tension was keeping me from sleep (Mr. T has since learned to not keep me from my sleep), I gave up on him ever getting around to making the first move. So I went for it.

Yup - I kissed him first. While we were in bed with others. Because that's how I roll. And mostly because if I waited around on him we still wouldn't be dating.

Two years later I was saying "I do" wearing Mama N's ring instead of my own (that's a story for another day), in front of all our family and most of our's pretty amazing. So I guess what I'm saying is, be careful which strangers you insult. They may trick you into marrying them and spend the next 50 years making you pay for what you said.