September 20, 2011

Oh, Mylanta

So...remember this post? The one where we weren't getting a cat? Well...we're getting a cat. We're still bickering over the name...Mr. T chose Gozer without asking me, all the while I had decided on Chairman Meow last night right before I passed out into a delusional sleep.

OK - The Roast of Charlie Sheen. omg. You have to watch it. So funny! I almost peed. Ah, so good. I would start posting one-liners, but...I'll contain myself. Let's just say I stayed up way too late last night.

You know in the movies, when the character has a bad dream and lurches awake, into a sitting position - even gasping loudly? And you think "Yeah, right - no one actually does that nonsense!" ? You know what I'm talking about? That happened to me this morning. When I woke up at 7:30. On a day that I teach an 8:00 class. I was laying in bed...99% asleep...and remembering a dream I had. I was just thinking "How bizarre that I had a dream that Mr. T's alarm was going off at 6:30! He would never set an alarm that early..." when I suddenly realized that had to be MY phone, and now it was most definitely past time for me to wake up.

I blame it all on Charlie Sheen. And tiger blood. Mostly tiger blood. And winning.

Speaking of winning, Mr. T called his mom to get Chairman Meow's name corrected. No Gozer for this house. Not yet, anyway - the next pet will be Gozer.

Todd's mom took the picture. She's taking Chairman Meow to the vet on Thursday, then bringing him (her?) to  us. Soon our lives will get even more absolutely ridiculous. Hurgurgle... This is probably a huge mistake.

Who's the warlock, now, *****?!