September 17, 2011

Saturday Product Placement

Every Saturday I'll discuss something I use and enjoy. This isn't for any money (I doubt anyone pays someone with no readers to advertise their products...), but it's just a little FYI for anyone interested.

I'm not sure this would qualify as a product, but I <3 Paul Mitchell, The School. I have been getting my hair cut there since I got married last year, and they have been great. It's always very reasonably priced - I can get a bleach, dye, and color for around $40, including tip! And they've never screwed my hair up, which is always a fear when you go to a school. It does take, though. At least three hours, usually more.

First I went green, and okay - they kind of went weird on the cut after awhile. That was my worst experience with PM, though...

After green I went pink. I really liked this cut and color, but I liked it the best when the pink had faded out a little - the tips went white and it was a really cool effect.
After pink came purple.

Then I got a I dyed it black.

This is almost a natural color. Maybe a little more orange than usual...

And this is my current style/color. Be careful when you tell the people at PM that you want "something different" because if they know you as that girl with who always gets the crazy colors they will take that statement to mean a blue mo/faux/mo-faux hawk!!