February 1, 2013

Resolutions Check-In

Here is where I originally posted my resolutions.

Let's see how I've done:

  1. buy planner to record workout
    • NOPE. I did download an app - MyFitnessPal - that kind of records them. So I'll give this a 50%. Deal with it.
  2. work out
    • Eh. I did the 30 Day Shred twice a week for 3 out of the past 5 weeks. No yoga. I've been better about crunches, but I just got a lower back tattoo, so those are on hold for a few days. I'm still gonna go with 50%. Because I can.
  3. blog more
    • I have done this!!! 100%!!!!!! 8}
  4. buy new laptop
    • Hm, not yet. But that's just for sometime this year. I'm not docking any points. 8P
  5. spend more time with friends
    • I've only missed one week for Ladies' Night! And I've hung out with the CS guys a few times. I keep up with them on FB chat, too. So.... 99%
  6. devotional
    • *whistling without making eye contact* We got through....a week and a half? WE DON'T GO TO BED AT THE SAME TIME - IT'S HARD TO DO THIS ONE. 10% :(
  7. redo the bedroom
    • Another "just some point this year" one. So no loss of points!!
  8. steampunk photo shoot
    • I got the boots! Banana has a sketch! We're going fabric shopping tomorrow! Mr. T has started constructing a ray gun! So....100%!!!!! Well, I'll say 80%, since I haven't actually done it yet. But we're on track!!
  9. love for coding
    • Bah.
  10. crafts
    • I have done a craft! And I have a billion more I want to do....it's just a matter of time. 95%
  11. animal love
    • Oh that sounds naughty. But this reminded me I need to put flea/tick/heartworm junk on all the pets. Thank you, blog! 100% after that!! Oh, and I need to buy cat food and litter. Currently: 75%
  12. doctor visits
    • I'm down to one chiropractor visit a week! And I have a lady-doctor appt. set up. But still...30%
  13. TV and Internet
    • SUCCESS! 100%
  14. finish tattoos
    • When I wrote my first post, I had four unfinished tattoos: giraffe, garter, steampunk ribs, and Bambi. Two are finished! But....I started another one. >.< 0% for starting another tattoo without getting those finished.