February 13, 2013

Archetype Me

So if you know me (and I think you do (only because the only people that read this are the 5 people still pretending to be my friend)) you know I have a Google Reader and it is full of subscriptions (probably close to 100 now...) A lot of the blogs that I follow do giveaways. I never used to participate in them, because then I have to actually go to their blog and comment and then still not get anything. So much wooooooork..... But! I want free stuff!! *pout So I've started entering competitions. That's what this post is - me entering a competition.

The blog is Pintester and it's pretty freaking funny. She makes me feel better about possibly failing at things, because she makes a living at failing at things. We live in a glorious age!! The competition revolves around Archetype Me which is one of those online personality things. I'm a sucker for those. I used to do them all the d*mn time, before Facebook. I even took a couple of screen shots while I was going through it.

This one cracked me up, only because when you try to apply it to me....bahahhahaha!

So, what do you admire most about me? My sense of style? Luxurious lifestyle? Oh, I know - my physical endurance!! I honestly don't even remember what I put here, because none of them were accurate.

Anywhoodles - here are my results:

I'm a creative caregiver with a healthy dose of spirituality. Go me! If you create your account they personalize a Web site for you or something something...you can connect with your friends who have taken it and see what you have in common something something...I dunno, I didn't do it. I knew none of you hooligans would do it, and I'm already getting a ton of spam emails every day, so I didn't want to build on that list. That probably knocked me out of the running for winning the $50 gift card, didn't it...

By the way - how do these competitions work? Does the poor blogger actually go to every blog and read every post? Because geeze Louise that's a lot of work. I just entered one yesterday for a chance to get a $100 gift card to this online clothing store. We had to go pick out our ideal Valentine's Day outfit and link everything. I didn't mess around, y'all - I had a dress, tights, shoes, and a necklace. When I went to post, some people were all "I'd get shoes, because yay shoes!" One of them better not beat me, because I put effort into it, darnit! How is "darnit" not a word? Oh, there's a space? Darn it. DARN IT!

I'm going to go now. Pick me, Pintester! 8} I spend about $50 a week in gas getting to/from work.