February 26, 2013

Day Off!

Guys, I'm taking a day off. Isn't that exciting?!? For all of you still in school (that is, all of you)...you've got Spring Break coming up so you're all "Psh, one day?? Supa lame!" But, guys - you have no. idea. how exciting this is for me. No idea! The only other day I've had off this year was January 4th, for my mom's retirement party. I won't have another holiday until Memorial Day, at the end of May. Then there's the 4th of July, then Labor Day, alllll the way in September. We get 9 holidays in a fiscal year. Nine. Plus two "floating" holidays, which I believe are just two extra vacation days. Then we have two weeks' of vacation days, which I'm assuming is just 10 days, or 80 hours. That won't go up for....is it five? ten?....anyway - YEARS. That is so depressing!

Anyway, the point of this post is for me to wrap my head around tomorrow. What am I going to dooooo?!?! I have 9 hours of freedom that I don't usually have!! I have to plan it to the second to make sure I squeeze every drop of awesome out of it that I can! So - my itinerary:

Somewhere after this is when I'm going to wake up. I'm going to get up when my alarm goes off to let Splinter out and feed all the animals, then I'm going to do something I've been dreaming about for months - GET BACK IN THE BED. And sleeeeep. For like, three more hours. IT'S GOING TO BE SO AWESOME. So, yeah, somewhere between 9:00 and 10:00 imma wake up. After I'm up, I'm going to give Splinter a bath, put flea and tick drops on all the animals, and then take a bath myself. Mmmm...baths...

I'm going to have to wake Mr. T up, guys. This is going to be the hardest part of my day. I'll probably just convince him to move to the couch. Because I'm going to - *drumroll* - wash the sheets!! And towels!! And all of Mr. T's clothes!! So, yeah, this is actually going to be an all day thing, since Mr. T's laundry has exploded out of his hamper all over our bedroom floor, and even leaked into the bathroom. Of course, God knows which piles are clean clothes and which piles are dirty. They're probably all gonna get washed. And we start over again in the process of getting organized.

At some point around lunchtime we're going to be visiting lots of banks. Well, two banks. But that's like...2 more than I usually visit in a day. 8P We're going to have to go to my bank and open a 2nd account, and request debit cards for each of us for both accounts. We've started doing Dave Ramsey, so it's no credit cards, and super-detailed budgeting from here on out! Mr. T is still going to keep his account at his other bank, but it's only going to be for his "business" - he's opening an art gallery/studio/something. Hopefully it will make money and not just drain us. 8P So, anyway - banks. Our current account is going to be our monthly spending account - all the money we're going to pull for various bills and spending. The savings account attached to it will be for our "sinking funds" or whatever - money we're saving to buy things, like hardwood floors, a laptop, etc. Then the 2nd account we're going to open up will be where Mr. T's student loan payments come out. And that savings account will be our emergency fund and retirement savings - money that we don't touch usually. Mr. T will also need to call up all the people who pull money automatically out of his account and transfer them to the new account. Good times!

Hopefully we'll be done with all this by 1:00. We can do that, right? Sure. I guess at some point we'll eat lunch. Then - off to Lowe's!! I need to buy stuff for my entryway plans...I'm going to get a piece of plywood and paint it pink 8} then hang the framed map/key I made Mr. T for Valentine's Day (I need to finish that post, I just realized...) on it, along with something to sort our mail. On the bottom of it, I'm going to attach little hooks to hang our keys from. I'm so excited! I'm also going to get a board to paint white and attach hooks to hang dog leashes from. I also want to hit up some thrift stores to look for a mirror and bench. We gotta hurry and do this before March, because then we go on Dave Ramsey and  have to budget!! ;)

Hopefully by 3:00 we're back home, and now it's time to craft! Bones marathon and crafty-crafts for the rest of the day. Well, until our FPU class at 6:30. I need to finish my string art. I think it needs to have more string to have the "est. 2010" stand out a little better. Then it's on to the entryway!! Mr. T has some paintings he needs to work on, and my guns for my steampunk photo shoot!! So we'll be busy busy. So excited!

FPU time! We're going over our budgets this week. Mr. T and I had our "Budget Committee Meeting" last night, so I need to go in and tweak some things on the budget I made last week. It's going to be a nightmare, I do believe. They said it takes 3-6 months to get it all figured out, and I believe it. This week we're talking about getting rid of debt! Snowball something! Woooo! We're down to two student loans and then we'll be debt-free! We paid of the credit card before we began FPU, and we paid off Mr. T's Jeep a couple weeks ago.

That's when FPU is over. We head home, and work on crafts until I go to bed - weeeee!

You guys...I'm so excited about having a day off. I don't know if you noticed or not, but I. am. SO. excited. So excited!! 8}