February 8, 2013

Decisions, Decisions

Let me start this by saying Mr. T and I are not about to start trying to have kids. I'm not even saying that to try to trick you into thinking we're not and then actually start so we can be all SURPRISE! We are not trying to have kids. Mmmkay?

But I am going to go off birth control. Probably.

NOW HEAR ME OUT. Actually, this may get a little awkward, so feel free to ignore this post if you're a bit of a puss. (Not like you don't ignore all of them, anyway, fickle non-existent readers.)

A few months before we got married I got on the pill. I was on it for....awhile. I don't remember exactly how long. For a few months I was off BC and then about six months ago I started Depo Provera shots. I consulted with my doctor twice about Implanon. The first time he suggested I try out Depo first, because it is cheaper and only lasts 3 months. Once we knew I wouldn't have any crazy side effects, I could switch to Implanon, which lasts 3 years. Well I forgot to tell him I wanted to switch before my next appointment rolled around, so I stuck with Depo for another 3 months. At that appointment I told him I definitely wanted to switch to Implanon and they said that was fine - when I called to schedule my next appointment to tell them so they knew to order the Implanon. My appointment would need to be between Feb 6 and 20 or the shot would wear off. I called at the end of January to schedule my yearly checkup and tell them I wanted to order the Implanon. The woman I spoke to told me I needed to consult with a doctor first, and at my appointment we could schedule another appointment to get the Implanon. Annoying? Yes.

So, you may be wondering when this post gets awkward. Because none of that should have been. If you thought it was, definitely don't continue.

Let's start with PMS first, shall we? Pre-birth control I was super regular. I've never missed a period since my first one when I was 12. When I got on the pill nothing changed. When I got off the pill nothing changed. ("Boy this is boring.") When I got on Depo I was told one of the side-effects was "irregularly irregular" periods. Never know when it's gonna start, never know how strong it's going to be, never know how long it's gonna last. And most women never have a period. Well. I had a super light period for...about a month. So light I didn't need pads or tampons, but heavy enough I needed a panty liner. How is "panty" not a word?! Pantie? Huh. Maybe it's "pantie". Who knew? Anyway - that annoying. But the next two months I didn't have a period at all! Then I lost switched insurance and didn't have any for a month. So my appointment had to be rescheduled. So my "window" closed and the shot ran out. Another month-long period. This time I bought super-light tampons because they were less annoying than PANTIE liners. Once I switched from pads to tampons I could never shake the "I'm wearing a diaper" feeling... Anyway - cleared up again but now, thanks to needing a third consultation to say "Yup, I want Implanon now." my shot's going to run out AGAIN, probably causing another month-long period. Which may be more than a month, if I don't get on BC again. WHO KNOWS?!

Now, while this side-effect has been...annoying...it's not the main reason we're debating on dropping BC. Weight gain, low libido, cost, acne, and risk of breast cancer are all much better reasons. I've gained weight since we got married. Yes, most people do. Happiness, blah blah blah. I want to blame it on BC, okay? Low libido is definitely due to BC. Because when I'm not on it...well it goes back up. This is probably the strongest motivator. Which...we're caught in this debate of more sex, but then more likely to get pregnant...especially since more sex. But then...less chance of getting pregnant, but also less sex.... So what do you do? Is it worth it to have less sex to avoid having a kid? We feel like at this point in our lives a kid wouldn't be the end of the world. We're still NOT TRYING. But if there is a condom malfunction, at least I'm not a GTA and we're not living in a bedroom at Mr. T's grandmother's house. I'm not sure on the cost, but I know Implanon will be expensive. One of the FIRST TWO TIMES I consulted with a doctor about it, he told me it would take a year to break even with what you'd pay for pills, and it's not actually cost-effective for at least two. So that's a lot of money up front. Our insurance is high-deductible with an HSA. And I've been going to the chiropractor a billion times a week lately. So. It's time to choose what medical things we want. And I want contacts. And Mr. T needs to go to the dentist. Actually, I need to go to the dentist! What else...acne? Yes. I had mild acne in high school. By college it had cleared up totally. On BC....it's baaa-aaack! Bah! I am trying new face wash that is (I think) helping. But still. I'm about to be 25 and I have acne like I did in high school. It's gross. As far as rick of cancer...Mom had Hodgkin's Disease in college and got extremely high doses of radiation that have caused all sorts of health issues since - including lots of cancerous things. Now, the little egg that would one day be Mrs. Wilson was tucked away in that chemo-riddled body through all of this. And I'm becoming more and more paranoid about cancer as I get older. So. It's not a bad idea to eliminate one of the risks. Now all I need to do is get Mr. T to quit smoking...

Anyway - that's my long ramble to say that I might be going off BC soon. Which means you'll be getting those lovely little "TMI Baby Updates" again. And hopefully none of them will say "I'm PREGNANT!" for another couple years. Because that would be no bueno. It's one thing to think "Oh, it wouldn't be so terrible if we had an unexpected bundle of joy." and quite another to actually have said unexpected bundle.