March 12, 2013

Hopes and Dreams: Day 12

Day 12: Describe a typical day in your current life.

Oh, boy! Okay, so....

6:15am: SNOOZE
6:25am: SNOOZE
6:35am: Mmmmmmm....debate, debate, debate - sometimes SNOOZE, sometimes not
6:45am: Up by now - let Splinter outside, go upstairs and feed cats, come downstairs, let Splinter in, feed Splinter... Brush teeth, straighten hair, lotion it up, get dressed, mouthwash, tell Mr. T "bye" eighty-bajillion times so he remembers....
7:20am-ish: Get in the PT Cruiser - about one day a week there is an immediate swear because I realize I didn't buy gas the night before so now I have to get some. Then start the miserable drive to work.
7:30am-ish: Get stuck behind some a-hole going 5mph under the speed limit and never be able to get around him until I get into Franklin.
8:05am: Get to work. If I'm in flats I walk up the six flights (144 individual stairs) to our office. If I'm in heels (or lazy) I'll take the elevator.
8:05-8:10am: Get to my desk, tell IT peeps "Good morning!" grab my coffee mug and go to the break room. Coffee pot is probably empty, have to refill it...wait on coffee to brew. Grab my yogurt out of the fridge.
8:20am: Get back to my desk, unlock my computer and turn on my desk light. Mark off the date on my wall calendar, tear off my one-a-day calendar. Check email, Facebook, eat yogurt, drink coffee...try to avoid looking at the clock until at least 10:00am.
8:30am: Look at clock.
8:35am: Look at clock.
8:40am-12:00pm: Either work on work projects or try to keep busy with something until lunch.
12:00pm: Lunch time! Call Mr. T, walk to the break room, microwave a frozen meal, fill up my glass with ice water, eat while reading a book.....enjoy not being in my cubicle for an hour.
1:00pm: Gather all my garbage, throw it away, wash any sliverwear, refill glass, go back to my cubicle.
1:05pm: Pee.
1:10pm: Settle in for more of the same...only now my day is broken up by refilling my glass and peeing.
4:30pm: Get really excited, then watch the clock suddenly stop working properly, so each minute is actually 20.
4:50-something: Say "SOON ENOUGH!" Close all my open windows, lock computer, turn off monitor and desk light, get all my crap together and skidaddle on outta here.
5:00pm: Hate Franklin traffic.
5:30-6:00pm: Get home - fight off dog(s) freaking the f*ck out. Change clothes. Let Splinter outside, feed cats, let Splinter in, feed Splinter.
6:20pm: Debate: eat, watch TV, exercise? (Hint: exercise rarely wins)
9:00pm: Mr. T gets home!!!!!
10:30-11:30pm: Go to bed.