March 8, 2013

Hopes and Dreams: Day 8

Day 8: What are 5 passions you have?

  1. Abortions. They are almost always bad. But, like any hot-button issue, lots of gray areas up in here: rape/incest; the baby and/or the mother's life is at risk. Actually....that's just two, isn't it? So not lots of gray areas...two gray areas. Well, maybe the morning-after pill. Because I never thought of that as "abortion" until the little mini-drama centered around Hobby Lobby... But, yeah - if you're dumb and get knocked up you shouldn't be allowed to run out and "fix it" with a quick and easy abortion. A fetus is a human. life. and you're not going to change my mind on that.
  2. Adoption. I want to adopt. I think it's important for people who are able to adopt. I had a boyfriend who said he wouldn't adopt because he knew he wouldn't love an adopted child as much as his own. Good grief - that guy was a total d-bag. I have no idea why I stayed with him. He also told me it was almost a certainty that he would cheat on me and told me not to hate him if we "accidentally" had sex one night. But back to adoption. Children in foreign countries obviously need it, but there are so many children here in the US that need a family, too. So - adopt
  3. Having children. Good grief, my BC must be running out. Too much kid talk! But I do want to have a child of my own. At least one, maybe two. No more than that, though. Sheese. Some people (we like to call them a**holes) call women with children (usually lots of kids - think 5 or 6) "breeders" and say that purposefully giving birth to a child is selfish. I don't know that I agree. Maybe because I want to have kids. :) But if you really think giving birth is so bad, and selfish...then adopt a kid who was unwanted.
  4. Adopting shelter dogs. Look - one not about kids!!! This is something that I never gave much thought until recently. But buying dogs from breeders is just....idiotic. Mr. T and I went to the local shelter to adopt our dog and there were so. many. dogs there wanting love! All shapes, sizes, ages, breeds, temperaments.... And so many of them are put to sleep. Because you (yes YOU) went to a breeder. So don't talk to me about having to "save up" for a dog. And if you desperately, absolutely HAVE. TO. HAVE. a specific breed, I assure you you can find a dog of that breed in a shelter. And if you want a purebred dog so you can breed your dog. Well, then. Get the f*ck out of my life, because you're an idiot.
  5. DIY/environmentally friendly products. Another thing I've just recently gotten into...DIY. Guys - this planet is falling apart. And it's our fault. Good reason not to spawn more earth-killing humans, I guess... :) I think it's important to do everything we can to fix what we're messing up. Grow your own vegetables, make your own cleaning supplies, don't drive a Hummer. Plus, you know, a billion other things. It's not hard! I've already made my own laundry detergent that is probably going to last us about a decade, made some dish detergent (that we've just started to use, look for updates soon!), and switched over to homemade face wash. I can't wait to do more homemade cleaning solutions - body wash, shampoo, lotion, various cleaning supplies....the possibilities are endless! Go green! 8}