March 14, 2013


Finding out you've been unfriended can be a little depressing. Most of the time you don't notice, since FB isn't all "HEY! THIS GUY JUST UNFRIENDED YOU! DON'T YOU FEEL LIKE CRAP?!" And it usually only happens when either A) you're really not "friends" anyway, so no hard feelings on either side - or B) you've had a major falling out and now hate each other...unfriending is kind of expected. I've only unfriended people due to B)....twice, I think. One was MC because he's a douche. The other was Mr. T's brother and his brother's girlfriend, because they made a series of poor life choices and I got fed up with it all. (Note: They got very upset with me over this. Weeee....)

But sometimes you think you're friends with someone irl - or maybe not friends, but at least casual acquaintances who will be all "Hey, gurl - how you doin' these days?!?" if you see each other at Starbucks. I assume this is what casual acquaintances do when they bump into each other - I may be wrong. Anyway, you think you're on decent terms with someone, AND you haven't made any questionable life choices lately, so.... "Oh, here's a funny thing that we had a random chat about once - I'm going to go post it on her wall, and maybe invite her over for dinner since I don't want to just be casual acquaintances - I'd rather be frieeeeeeends...." And then....wut? "Add Friend"?? When did this happen?! Check husband's page: "Add Friend"?!?!?! What?!?!

Notice you still have a TON of mutual friends - INCLUDING YOUR HUSBAND. So they didn't unfriend Mr. T....why did they unfriend me?! They had just come over for dinner a month or so ago! There was another couple there - quick, send FB message to the Mrs. in that relationship: "Do you know what's going on?" and.....crickets. We had chatted about a week before, and when I sent her an unrelated message about a month or two later she responded right away. So....she's avoiding answering? Why? Does she know why I'm unfriended?? Does she want me to confront them directly?? What is going on right now?!

You guys....this has really hurt my feelings. And it happened SIX MONTHS AGO. Well, I first found out about it six months ago. I'm not sure when they unfriended me. Maybe it was the picture debacle that caused so much drama with my family? I just don't know. But it makes me a sad panda. SAD PANDA.