March 15, 2013

Talk Dirty To Me...

So Mr. T and I are on a Dave Ramsey budget now. It's hard. March was our first month doing it, and did I mention how freaking hard it is? When you don't think about how much money you spend on something, trying to suddenly make an accurate budget is pretty impossible. For example: we budgeted $100 for gas for two weeks. We have spent $160 on gas. We budgeted $100 for groceries for two weeks. We spent $130. Restaurants? $25, which we spent on one meal at Steak & Shake (granted, we both got combos AND milkshakes).

What I'm saying is...we're out of money. And food. And gas. And we're hungry. I've had ramen for two meals in the past 3 days. Mr. T talks about food constantly, the poor guy. I'm going somewhere with this, I promise. Actually, here we go. I got invited to my sister's house this evening. Mom is in town to babysit, so to pretend like she still loves me, even though I have not spawned any grandbabies yet, I was invited over. For dinner. Yes, please! I told Mr. T about it when I called him on my lunch break. He, alas, has only a frozen dinner to eat today (better than ramen, I say). After I got back to my desk this text conversation happened:
Mr. T: Oh my God everyone at the shop got great food... Urge to kill rising.
Me: Sorry, love! We will have so much delicious food next week. I promise!
Mr. T: I need it.
Me: I love you, my starving man. Maybe I can get leftovers from Sister for you.
Mr. T: Oh yeah I love it when you talk dirty.