March 7, 2013

Hopes and Dreams: Day 7

Day 7: What is your dream job, and why?

Hmmm... I think my current job is pretty sweet. I love the people I work with, I like the work I do....the commute kind of sucks. Being able to work from home one day a week would be the bee's knees. Maybe one day I can convince my boss. 8} But, yeah. All-in-all I really like my job.

Now, is it my dream job? Eh...probably not. A few things that would be cool: 1) If I could make a living off of this blog. But I think that would be super stressful. Always having to stay interesting, and relevant. I'd probably have to talk to people a lot. That would suck. And considering about five people read it currently, I doubt it's ever gonna happen. 2) Stay at home mom? I think that'd be pretty sweet. Keep the house clean, cook meals, take a walk during lunch time every day with a dog and/or kid... Yeah, I think that'd be cool. But I'm married to a tattoo artist. Ain't gonna happen. If anything he's going to be more of a stay at home parent than I am, since he won't need to go in to work until noon or later. And I wouldn't be good at any of the things stay at home moms do to bring money in - crafts, babysitting, cooking....whatever else. I'd probably be the terrible kind that wears sweats all the time and plays FB games 24/7 while the house falls apart and we eat pizza every night. At least I'm honest! 3) Mr. T opens his own shop and I help him run it. This one is the most likely to happen, but also the most terrifying. When you run your own business you're in charge of everything: insurance, taxes, employees.... Egads - that's lots of responsibilities! But it would be cool. We'd have the same hours. We'd get to see each other at work. But we'd be doing very different jobs so it's not like we'd be constantly together. The kids could hang out at the shop....I think it'd be kind of cool to grow up in a tattoo shop. 8} But that's just me.

So, yeah. There you go!