March 20, 2013

Hopes and Dreams: Day 20

Day 20: Describe 3 significant memories from your childhood.

  1. Man...I remember stupid stuff. Like...there was this one place in our kindergarten class that everyone wanted to sleep in during nap time. It was back behind this screen, on a bench. It was like your own little private cubby hole. And then one day this girl peed back there, and no one ever used it again.
  2. I went horseback riding with one of my best friends when we were in middle school. Midway down the trail my horse just stopped. I was like "wtf?" except my sensitive mind would have never even thought the letter 'f', much less the word "f*ck" - even if the 'u' was left out. Then, out of the corner of my eye I see the horse's hind leg comes up, and scratches the horse's ear! Like a dog does! It was crazy! My friend that was with me later died in a car accident, so I'm not 100% sure if this is a real memory. I have no one to corroborate with. Also, I'm really sad that she passed away. That really really really sucked.
  3. There was this guy I had a crush on...I ended up liking him from 4th grade through 8th grade. I got over it in high school because he started getting really...weird. (Turns out he's gay.) He gave me a note in the 4th grade, asking if I liked him. I said "maybe" and it was never brought up again. I held on to that note...for an awkward amount of time. Not that I still have it, but I probably held onto it for a couple years, at least.
I don't know that any of those were "significant" other than for the fact that I remember them. And they were the first three that popped in my head. There is also the time my sister told me she could tell time by the sun, then held her arm up to "measure" (a.k.a. look at her wristwatch) and gave me the exact time, to the minute. I ran into Mom and Dad's room and it blew my mind that she was right!! Ummm...the first time I ever rode the horse that may or may not have scratched its ear? She bucked me off. In Kindergarten, when you lost your first tooth you got this awesome little goody bag of stuff. I didn't lose my first tooth until the summer after Kindergarten. I thought my dad's middle name was "Partin" because his parents had him before they were married (his mom's maiden name is Partin). My brother was old enough that he could drive me to school, and I made him walk up the sidewalk with me instead of staying in the car. Me and a couple of my friends got in big trouble in the 3rd grade because we pinched people. Every recess. We'd just...pinch people. Oh oh oh! My teacher made us learn the Macarena as a class. We performed it in the hallway and they took pictures for the yearbook.

I've lost all my yearbooks from elementary school....I need to find those!!