March 4, 2013

Hopes and Dreams: Day 4

Day 4: List 10 things you would tell your 16 year-old self, if you could.

Geeze.... What grade was I in when I was 16? Eh - I'll generalize to high school me, mmkay?

  1. GET YOUR DRIVER'S PERMIT. PRACTICE DRIVING. GET YOUR DRIVER'S LICENSE. Dummy. It's embarrassing to be a senior and take driver's ed. to actually learn how to drive and not just as an easy A.
  2. Don't obsess over anyone at your high school. All those guys are dummies and every guy you interact with in college will be an improvement.
  3. Guys will like you. Almost immediately. Seriously, what's wrong with the local boys? Idiots.
  4. Stop being so weird and quiet. You're very much weird and loud, somewhere in there. Let it blossom.
  5. Maybe get more interested in how computers work. You're going to somehow end up dealing with them for a living.
  6. Don't be so full of yourself, you pretentious little weirdo. 
  7. Practice the clarinet more. Eh, actually that doesn't really matter. Carry on, you lazy bastard.
  8. Don't cute all your hair off for Senior pictures. Bad things will happen. Trust me. Just...don't.
  9. Maybe try makeup out. Don't go crazy or anything, but at least master eye liner. When a female is in her mid-twenties she should be able to put eyeliner on in under 20 minutes and without swearing a lot.
  10. Listen to a wider variety of music. Don't limit yourself to Country and Christian....rock? pop? Whatever it is you listen to.